Why Building An Email Address List Is So Important

All Internet Marketers realize that getting traffic is the highest priority. Lacking traffic to your site, the site is doomed. So what is a great way to have visitors come to your site, and then come back again and again? Let’s take a look at some proven methods, but those that do not cost money. It goes without saying that your website should by search-engine optimized. If somebody does a search using your search terms, it would sure be nice if your site came-up in the search engine search results, and hopefully in the first few pages.

You should have an opt-in form on your site to collect email addresses. The idea is to entice people to come to your site and sign-up in return for a free report or eBook. Make sure that what you are giving away has some perceived value, not an item that people will think is worthless.

You could post a short article in Forums or Blogs relevant to your business. Give some information that is helpful to people interested in the subject matter. They should be enticed to visit your site for even better info via a report of eBook. Try writing a 500 word article and publish it on a high page rank article directory like ezinearticles.com, or articlesbase.com. You will have a resource box where you can pitch your business and have a hot link to your site.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Facebook has discussion groups and forums covering a myriad of subjects. Use them to your advantage, keep active in these places. You could post a short enticement piece on the top social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL Lifestream, Bibsonomy, Blogster, Delicious, Diigo, Hi5, Instapaper, LiveJournal, MyAol, Newsvine, Plurk, Pocket, Scoop.it, Slashdot, Storify, Stumbleupon, and Tumblr.

Quality Site Content Rules The Day

Once you have people visiting your website, you want them to be impressed with the quality of the content. This means relevant content, not a bunch of Blog posts about extraneous matters. So if you are selling Fishing Supplies, maybe you would give away an eBook about Fly Fishing to get the visitors email address. If you ask the right questions upon sign-up, you will know their exact areas of interests. Future emails to them will keep them intrigued.

Be patient, repeated emails to your subscriber list will result in sales. Make sure that you are not being to pushy. Give quality information in your emails, and have a link to the site at the end of the message. If you have a Newsletter, you can present multiple content while giving more credibility to your business. It is okay to send out a couple of emails a week, but they should not look like advertisements.

It is a mistake to ask questions in your emails that can only be answered by the subscriber buying something. That is the best way to build your “unsubscribe” list. So any questions asked should be answered in that email.

Traffic from email subscribers is almost free and you should be taking advantage of it.