So You Want Your Press Release To Be On The Tech Sites!

I have been in the Press Release Marketing business for quite a few years. If I had ten bucks for everybody that wants their PR on sites like: Mashable, Techcrunch, NYT, WSJ, Huffington Post, etc., I would be rich! The fact of the matter is that unless you are a paid advertiser, chances are slim. Read more about So You Want Your Press Release To Be On The Tech Sites![…]

Press Release Writing Basics

If you want to see your organization’s title in print more often, a nicely written Press Release could be the secret to grabbing the attention of a vast targeted audience. Getting free publicity in the news is a tricky task, as there are many businesses working diligently with spectacular press releases from time to time. Read more about Press Release Writing Basics[…]

Internet Marketing Facts

Internet marketing has become known as being today’s huge opportunity. It is actually accepted as being the medium in which solitary moms and teenagers can make millions with just an idea. I am here to inform you that it will require more than just a good idea and perseverance to reach your goals at Internet Read more about Internet Marketing Facts[…]

The Nuiances of Press Release Distribution

Want to Know More About Press Release Distribution? There are numerous press release submission sites on-line but this task can be exceedingly tedious because each PR needs to be submitted to a number of sites. If you perform a web search, you can readily spot where in actuality the press release distribution agency managed to Read more about The Nuiances of Press Release Distribution[…]

Internet Marketing: Unrealistic Expectations

Internet Marketing is the stuff dreams are made of, and sometimes nightmares as well. Everybody would love to make a million dollars by putting up a website and watching the bucks roll in. I write press releases for many of these Internet startups, and I can easily predict who is not going to get anywhere. Read more about Internet Marketing: Unrealistic Expectations[…]

Why PR Distribution Is The Best Bang For The Buck

Have you considered using PR Distribution services to promote your products or services? Do you engage in online marketing? Do you have a product or service you offer? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I am obliged to inform you about the benefits of PR Distribution. PR Distribution is without Read more about Why PR Distribution Is The Best Bang For The Buck[…]

Guidelines For Making a Perfect Press Release

With the emergence of online marketing, the press release became even more important in public relations. If you run a new or newer business that needs a good distribution of information quickly, online press releases are the solution. Being inexpensive to have written and distributed online, all you need is to make it high quality, Read more about Guidelines For Making a Perfect Press Release[…]